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  • 대표전화1522-1221
    현대페이·더블체인·한국디지털거래소, 남아공 ABA와 '아프리카 유니온 코인' MOU

    아프리카 각국의 복잡한 화폐시장을 가상화폐 하나로 통합하는 것을 핵심으로 하는 '아프리카 유니온 코인'과 현대페이, 더블체인, 한국디지털거래소가 포괄적 사업제휴 MOU를 맺었다.  블록체인 기반 핀테크 전문기업 현대페이는 더블체인, 한국디지털거래소와 함께 남아프리카공화국 ABA(아프리카 블록체인 협회, Africa Blockchain Association)와 ‘아프리카 유니온 코인’ 및 관련 서비스 사업제휴 MOU를 체결했 다고 16일 밝혔다.   현대페이는 이번 MOU에 앞서 지난 9월 국내 핀테크 기업 중 최초로남아공 요하네스버그에 위치한 더 매슬로 호텔에서 Hdac 기술 세미나를 개최하였다. 이 행사에는남아공 민간대사 권택일

    남아공 Hdac 기술세미나 현장 <사진제공=현대페이>

    기술 세미나 이후 남아공 ABA와 지속적인 교섭을 통해 Hdac 투자 및 ‘아프리카 유니온 코인’ 사업, 블록체인 기술이 접목된 IoT 솔루션 도입 그리고 남아공 내 가상화폐거래소 서비스 등에 대한 포괄적 사업제휴를 체결하기로 결정했다. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Possimus inventore autem soluta quidem, quod, dolor odit eum quaerat, qui dolore id eligendi ipsam error veniam cumque laborum! Repudiandae nostrum fugiat neque, ea ipsam iusto, quod, corporis sapiente impedit aut tempore distinctio. Aspernatur ab dolores omnis consequuntur possimus soluta dolore quis natus, minus sit, dolor cumque qui modi blanditiis reiciendis impedit ducimus voluptate, suscipit voluptatum quisquam error. Repellendus, quis inventore commodi, quisquam soluta debitis, esse voluptatibus voluptatem est fugiat ipsa blanditiis quaerat fuga? Aliquid vitae, fugit necessitatibus deleniti asperiores praesentium officiis corporis reprehenderit, nesciunt repellat deserunt quasi molestias animi consequuntur provident!


    dexco logo

    company INTRODUCTION

    The Korea Digital Exchange proposes the direction the finance platform will head in the future.

    The Korea Digital Exchange, DEXKO, runs a platform with blockchain, the essential technology to lead the fourth industrial revolution.
    We provide a clear guideline for cryptocurrency exchanges aiming decentralization.
    We continue in research and development on futuristic and diverse platforms such as digital asset consulting and blockchain-based payment.
    DEXKO promises to actively communicate with the clients and to present them real values of cryptocurrency trade.

    dexco digital exchange
      Cryptocurrency Trading
      Transaction, remittance, and wallet
      Digital Assets Consulting
      Investment in digital assets Investor marketing

    company CEO GREETING

    We are building a world linked with blockchain.

    Witnessing the rapid rise of sharing economy, P2P, and mobile based business models, anyone can hardly overlook the
    phenomenon. Investment and interest in the blockchain that underpins these technologies needs to be a stepping
    stone through which our future financial industry's competitiveness, to be developed on the foundation of our financial
    software capacity, big data, and artificial intelligence, will 'quantum jump' to the global level. 

    It is time for us to deeply question how the blockchain, the essential technology that will lead the fourth industrial revo-
    lution, will make changes in a city's and a nations' systems as well as what kind of role the blockchain-linked financial
    system will play in our society.

    The Korea Digital Exchange develops and provides blockchain platforms that are fit to serve the ever-growing financial
    market marked with blockchain digital marketing, transaction, and payment. Through continued research and develop-
    ment, DEXKO promises to work closely with the clients to create futuristic and diverse services.

    CEO   Yongho  Kim

    business SUMMARY

    We bring higher values for our clients by providing blockchain based financial service.

    Trade your digital currencies easily and safely.
    At DEXKO, you can trade bitcoin and Ethereum with KRW or cryptocurrencies.
    Use our 24-hour online service for a speedy transaction and diverse payment methods. We prioritize security and user convenience above all.


    DEXKO, Trade your digital currencies easily and safely

    At DEXKO, you can trade bitcoin and Ethereum with KRW or cryptocurrencies.
    Use our 24-hour online service for a speedy transaction and diverse payment methods. We prioritize security and user convenience above all.

    Exchange focused on user convenience

    • Low barriers for newcomers with simplified trading processes
    • Charts for clients to quickly grasp trade volume
    • Real-time chat service for efficient communication (1:1 chat)

    Exchange pursuing the best security

    • Deposits in safe-custody,
      Cold storage for clients’ digital assets

    365-day safe transaction

    • Fast trading service through 24/7 withdrawal and deposit
    • Speedy and accurate trade with the lowest fee in the country

    business NEWS

    4차 산업 혁명의 리더를 향한 DEXKO 소식을 전합니다.

    business PARTNER

    Partners working together to develop and expand blockchain based fintech service

    • Double Chain Blockchain technology R&D
    • Hyundai BS&C Total IT service development
    • HYUNDAI PAY Beyond the Human Pay
    • ELASTIC Big data and machine learning
    • EYL Quantum Random Number Generators
    • KBR&D Transaction system and marketing
    • Bibox Digital Asset Exchange Platform
    Partnership request

    notice NOTICE

    • 2018 03/15
      덱스코 거래소 서비스 오픈 안내
    • 2018 02/23
      DEXKO 사전 가입 종료 안내
      안녕하세요. 덱스코입니다.  2월 5일~25일까지 진행되었던 덱스코 사전 회원 가입이 종료되었습니다. 고객 여러분의 성원에 감사드립니다.  저희 덱스코는 3월 15일 오픈에 새롭게...
    • 2018 02/14
      즐거운 설 명절 보내시길 바랍니다

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